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Length: 23.5 m

Maximum number of passengers: 90

Number of people sitting at the table: 42 pcs

Sitting under the roof: 55 pcs

Ellen was built at Motala Mekaniska Werkstads AB in 1885 as an ice-breaking tugboat for James Dickson & Co / Trävarubolaget Svartvik on the Norrland coast. She was motorized with a Skandiadiesel of 300 hp at Lunde shipyard in 1955. In 1979 she was converted into a passenger ship on Visingsö. She then went as replacement traffic for the collapsed Tjörnbron and remained for a number of years. Then she came to Lake Vänern and drove tourist traffic with Karlstad as her home port. In 2014, she was sold to the West Coast and got the current look with stairs up to the sun deck and higher chimneys.

Now she is back home in Östergötland after 134 years around Sweden!


Length: 18.5 m

Maximum number of passengers: 63

Number of people sitting at the table: 48 pcs

Sitting under the roof: 63 pcs

Svanö was built in 1899 at Hernösands Mekansiska Verkstad & Warfs AB as a steam-powered tugboat. It is built of iron and delivered to Svanö AB, which was a sawmill company on Svanö in Ångermanland.

She was motorized in 1952 and rebuilt into a passenger ship as late as 2010. Since then, she has been in passenger traffic in Hjälmaren under the name Liden before she came here to us.

Now she is again called Svanö as when she was built and operates during the summer daily Skärgårdslinjen from Arkösund via Tyrislöt to Harstena (the red line). It is also possible to book her for charter trips and decide where we are going!

Our tours depart from either the port of Fyrudden, Tyrislöt or Arkösund.