Find your way


Our tours start from the port of Fyrudden, Tyrislöt or Arkösund.


Take the E22 towards Valdemarsvik. If you come from the north, you pass Söderköping and Ringarum, among other places. Then take road 212 towards Valdemarsvik, pass through Valdemarsvik and continue towards Gryt and further out to Fyrudden.


Take the E4 towards Norrköping. Turn off the E4 at Bäckeby and take road 210 towards Söderköping. Follow road 210, pass through Söderköping and continue towards S: t Anna. After 42 km you will come to Tyrislöt.


Take the E4 towards Norrköping. Take road 209 towards Arkösund. After 55 km you have arrived.