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Now until the summer of 2022, we are looking for both ship officers and deckmen for our boats M / S Ellen af ​​Harstena and M / S Svanö. We are a small shipping company and here you get to do most things. If you like being on the lake and working with service, we have the perfect job.

Ellen starts from Fyrudden and Svanö from Arkösund. Accommodation can be arranged through us at Valdemarsvik (near Fyrudden). But if you have your own accommodation near Fyrudden / Valdemarsvik, that is a plus. To work on Svanö, which starts from Arkösund, you need to have accommodation nearby.

Ship commander: As commander, you are responsible for passengers, crew and ships. In addition to driving and maneuvering the ship safely, you must also be able to supervise your crew. Together you create the experience for the passengers. You need at least FB class VIII internal speed authorization (limited internal speed for M / S Svanö), Basic Safety and Medical certificate for seafarers.

Deckman: As a deckhand, you have several different tasks, partly it is you who loosens and attaches to departure and addition, partly you take care of the passengers during the trip, for example informing about safety on board and standing in the bar / café. For the work, you need something called Basic Safety and a Medical Certificate for seafarers. If you do not have these, we can help you with that before the season.

We run tours every day of the week and are looking for two skippers and two deckmen for a rolling schedule on each boat.

Send your application to info@skargardskompaniet.se. We hope to see you this summer!